All-terrain 4×4 IVECO Dailys help charity reach remote African villages

All-terrain 4x4 IVECO Dailys help charity reach remote African villages

Three 4×4 IVECO Dailys from Sherwood Truck and Van are being shipped to Africa to help reach people in need, in the remote mountainous villages of Eritrea.

Made-to-order for a global charity, the 5.5-tonne chassis cab of each vehicle has been fitted with a bespoke medical clinic designed by specialist bodybuilder Neat Vehicles. It is mounted on a steel subframe and incorporates a generator compartment housing a 5KVA Diesel Generator on one side, and a stepwell on the other.

“With its impressive ground clearance and powerful four-wheel-drive, the IVECO Daily has been purposefully engineered to conquer even the most difficult terrain,” explained Peter Bale, Key Accounts Manager for Sherwood in South Normanton.

“The charity requires vehicles that can easily navigate through typically hard-to-reach areas up in the mountains and these vans are perfect for the job.”

Neat Vehicles has built three ‘off-road clinics’ for the IVECO Dailys, each featuring a medical fridge, wall-mounted equipment, an LED examination lamp on a lockable arm, plus an adjustable electric examination couch, medical stool and chairs.

They also have a ducted air conditioning unit, water heater, water pump, clean and waste water tanks, a sharps bin and waste sack holder, while externally there is an extendable wind-out awning with support legs.

“These are the first self-contained medical clinics we have built that are designed to withstand journeys over mountainous terrain,” said Nigel Townsend, Managing Director for Neat Vehicles.

“Straight away we knew the IVECO Daily was the ideal van for the job. There are very few competitors on the market that allow you to build your own body yet still go off-road safely and comfortably.

“We undertook a series of off-road trials with the vehicles and they each performed remarkably well.”

Based in Nottinghamshire, Neat Vehicles boasts over 30 years of combined experience in special vehicle and trailer design and manufacturing.

Sherwood Truck and Van is part of the Guest Motors Group – the UK’s largest IVECO commercial dealer group and one of the largest Fiat Professional dealers, which has 14 sites across the UK.