Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer and Supplier Information

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Customer and Supplier Information Update 7 – 08/06/2020

Following on from our initial response to the COVID – 19 crisis as an organisation we are now very much moving on to ensure we are resilient to the current situation whilst also ensuring our recovery is sustainable with the ability to meet all our stakeholders needs.

Over the past few weeks we have been working to make all our sites comply with social distancing standards and offer high levels of hygiene to ensure al our staff and visitors feel safe. Risk assessments have now been completed in every area, with very visible signage along with screens being installed in many locations. All our departments are open, however we still have a significant number of staff furloughed and as a result opening hours remain changed (see below).

Our vehicle sales team is available to deal with existing vehicle deliveries and new enquiries, with on-site visits by appointment.

Where visiting any of our sites please respect hygiene and social distancing guidelines.

We have updated our actions below and these continue to be in force, copies of our more detailed policy on the Control of Infectious Diseases which includes hygiene, self-isolation and social distancing is available on request, please email:

  • Staff are updated at regular of our developments
  • Senior Management update conference call – three times a week
  • It has been impressed on all staff to follow Government guidelines for self-isolation, Social Distancing both in and out of the workplace, basic hygiene and avoiding private unnecessary travel
  • All business travel outside the UK is banned until further notice.
  • All unnecessary business travel in UK has been restricted, with
    • All internal and external meetings allowed only where necessary and in a socially distanced environment and of no more than four people
    • Use of Microsoft Teams and telephony encouraged for meetings 
  • Staff with symptoms have been told not to attend work, or sent home from work
  • Deep cleans to potentially affected areas
  • Advice given on working in vehicles with precautions such as wearing gloves and sanitisation
  • Staff working from home where practical
  • All external ‘face to face’ training has been cancelled
  • Visitor questionnaires on all receptions
  • Reviewed all staff travel arrangements
  • Where available distribution on additional PPE including hand sanitiser
  • Check on homeworkers and furloughed employees to ensure wellbeing
  • Set up a dedicated internal email for all queries relating to Coronavirus (COVID 19)
  • Carried out risk assessments, shift reviews and site surveys and are introducing very visible social distancing signage, along with counter screens. We ask if you visit one of our sites you follow the guidelines.
  • All areas given a people capacity rating, we ask visitors to our sites observe these guidelines
  • Advised staff on how to obtain COVID 19 tests via
  • Encouraged training on important new products arriving later in the year
  • Introduced an online training course for Mental Health Awareness

Our aim is to provide business continuity to all our customers, our stocks of both vehicles and parts remain healthy to support this, and whilst there may be some disruption our teams are working to ensure we meet your needs. We continue to work with our manufacturer partners, Fiat Professional and Iveco, and all our suppliers along with monitoring industry guidance again to support you at this time.

Should you have any questions or need to contact us directly about the issues Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating for you please email:

Stay Safe.

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