Fit-out company praises Guest Truck and Van’s expertise

Espirit July 2019 850px

“Guest know exactly what we want before we place the order.”

Trevor Dubberley, CEO of Esprit Group UK Ltd, has praised Guest Truck and Van for its superlative customer service over the past 10 years.

The high-end fit-out business, which is based in Spon Lane, West Bromwich, works with companies such as Selfridges, Lululemon, Tiffany, Reiss and LEGO and operates both nationally and in mainland Europe.

Trevor said it moved over to IVECO vans and HGVs after having Mercedes vehicles and “has not looked back since”.

“We purchase all our vehicles from new and have them fitted out specifically to the requirements of the business,” he said. “In the past 10 years, we’ve bought IVECO from Guest because they provide what we want; they’re reliable; they’re fast to react when we have a problem and they are always by our side.”

Trevor said having its vehicles built to its exact requirements means that it is able to move its expensive fixtures, fittings and equipment to site without getting them damaged, which is “an integral part of our success”.

Esprit has about 12 commercial vans and three HGVs – two 7.5 tonnes and a 12 tonne – all of which are recycled when they are five years old. It has just taken delivery of two new HGVs that meet the requirements of the London ULEZ (ultra-low emissions zone).

“The last three batches of vehicles have all come from Guest,” said Trevor. “The change to IVECO and Guest was made because Guest were closer to us – they were just round the corner. We’ve never looked back since. It’s probably the best service we’ve had and the proof is that we keep going back.”

Robert Spittle, managing director, said: “We always aim to deliver the highest levels of customer service, never resting on our laurels and ensuring that everyone, regardless of the number of vehicles they buy from us, receives first-class assistance and support. To have such a positive endorsement from Esprit is testament to the hard work of all the staff here.”