Gender Pay Gap Report

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

All data included within this report is based on a snapshot date of 7th April 2017.

Under the Government’s Gender Pay Gap regulations, all UK companies with 250 or more employees need to publish their GPD statistics on an annual basis. The reason for these statistics is to understand the true extent of the differences of average hourly earnings between men and women; this is not to be confused with unequal pay which relates to male and female pay in terms of similar work or work of equal value.

The commercial vehicle sector is still a predominantly male industry, on the above date the company’s workforce was made up of 84% males and 16% females. The reason for this male dominated workforce is that past education and training opportunities have all been directed at males through HGV apprentices. With the majority of our service managers progressing from apprenticeships to senior management and through analysing the below statistics Guest Motors Ltd are confident that any identified gap is related to the gender figures rather than pay differences between males and females in similar job roles.

Gender Pay Gap Information

Pay Differences

Hourly Mean Pay Gap 23.9%
Hourly Median Pay Gap 15.6%
Mean Bonus Payment Gap 76.1%
Median Bonus Payment Gap 71.6%

Proportion of male and female employees receiving bonuses

Male Employees 69.2%
Female Employees 58.7%

Pay Percentage Distributions

Male % Female %
Lower Quartile 85.9% 14.1%
Lower Middle Quartile 70.0% 30.0%
Upper Middle Quartile 87.3% 12.7%
Upper Quartile 91.5% 8.5%

I, Richard Barron, Financial Director, confirm that the information in this report is accurate.


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Date: 06/03/18